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 Lee Smith invites you to attend a powerful, intense and rewarding experience that will open the door to meet the horse that lives behind the hide and hair.

Are you:


Uncertain about the relationship you have with your horse and would like to reestablish it? 


Having trouble with your horse  in a few situations that cause you to feel unsafe?


Committed to an idea or philosophy of horsemanship that may be holding you back from
 success and want to strive for more?  


Willing to dedicate yourself to becoming a disciplined rider and horseman?


Looking for a fun, safe environment to learn in?

Then Lee Smith can help you! Lee makes available venues that are educational, inspiring and tailor made. The Essential Elements of Horsemanship () are the keys to your success. Lee teaches these at each of her clinics regardless of the format.


The Clinics      

  Foundation / Advanced Horsemanship 

In the Morning Foundation class, Lee will present the concepts of what she considers to be natural in horsemanship; using what is naturally happening to teach.  She will help riders learn more about developing feel, timing and balance, on the ground and in the saddle.  An introduction to riding with cadence and rhythm will be covered in depth.  This class will suit new riders, nervous riders, and green or troubled horses.

The afternoon class will be an Advanced class.  There will be no groundwork in this class, as it is designed for the confident rider, comfortable at all gaits.

The riders in either class are welcomed and encouraged to watch the other class at no additional charge, making for a full day of educational enlightenment.  Lee truly believes this format will allow her to present the material most appropriate to the level of the participant, and thus helping them raise their understanding and abilities at a faster pace.  For the long-time student of horsemanship, watching the Foundation class will be a great refresher; and for the new student, the opportunity to observe the Advanced class will give them a clearer picture of where the Foundation will take them and the importance of a great start.  She also wants to make it clear that both classes are open to the Advanced rider.  If the refresher you seek would suit you better with horse in hand, or you have a green or troubled horse, the additional class fee will apply. Both of the classes are progressive.  These are 3 day clinics, Saturday through Monday, with longer clinics available upon request.



Video Horsemanship Clinic

Lee states, 'If you could see what I see, then you'd  know what to do".  This format allows the student to learn to do just that !.  Designed to help the rider to identify the Essential  Elements that are working for them or the habits that work against them.  You will learn the pitfalls that could keep you from attain the level of performance you are dreaming of.  This all day event, with limited rider participation,  and generally no ground work,  is the most effective for personal growth. Three day clinics, two riding sessions each day.  Lee personally will film all of the riders each morning, have a review and coaching session where each rider  will be evaluated in  a classroom setting through lunch, closing each day  with a coached riding session.  The Video clinic is the most intense, and revealing of all of Lee's clinic formats.

  Below are some of the dynamics on the agenda at  these horsemanship clinics:








Leads & Lead Changes


Lateral Movements


Understanding How the Horse Thinks and Why


Communicating Effectively in Ways the Horse Understands & Respects


Building Confidence, Trust & Respect

bulletConfidence Building Ground Exercises

Controlling all Four Quarters

bulletDeveloping a Soft Feel 
bulletSpeeds within the Gait
bulletProblem Solving Skills


Cow Working

In this format we are  generally  working  cattle in an arena, although at some venues there is opportunity to work out in a pasture, too. Lee teaches the " Fun"damentals of cutting, sorting, tracking and control, driving and blocking cattle. Quality horsemanship is at the forefront.  She uses unique and innovative simulations to produce a greater level of understanding of how to use the Essential Elements of Horsemanship to developed a horse capable of handling cattle, as well as  how a rider  could prepare for competitions where cattle are used.  Three days, ride all day, Limited participation.  I n conjunction with a Horsemanship clinic we will have an AM Horsemanship class and a afternoon of  Cow Working.  Ride all day.


Ranch Clinic

Ranch Clinics are remote ranch venues.  With a focus on riding horses out in open country.  Gathering, checking or moving cattle, riding fence and checking wind mills and water holes may be all in a days work.  These clinics are five days in length and address the difficulties in separating horses, riding in or away from a group, the  jigging or  barn sour horse.  Home is on the ranch for your stay, which allows you to get to know and make new friends or perhaps spend quality time with your old ones.  It is a  SUPER opportunity to get the help you need in a environment and venue that allows time for the changes to take place.  A challenging emersion that puts you and your horse on the  fast track for greater results.    


If you are performing in Reining, Dressage, Cutting, Jumping, Barrel Racing, Endurance Riding, any Competitive Events, or just heading down the trail?  Regardless of your discipline, Lee Smith can help you raise your level of performance and presentation.  No matter the setting, the partnership of horse and rider working together in harmony is inspiring to observe and even more exciting to experience. Lee will offer you insight, skills and instructions to enjoy the events you like now, while developing your horse and horsemanship in the process through feel, timing, balance, and an understanding of equine psychology.  



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