Harmony Hills Ranch

Lee and Mark have opened their home to all who are looking to improve
their horsemanship skills with a focus on real purpose.


Horses, Cattle, Riding and Roping are the order of the day. Evenings are spent gathered together sharing the evening meal with friends. What could be better ? These intimate clinics are perfect for all levels of riders. Bring one or two of your own horses or lease one from us. You'll do more riding in a week than most folks do in a month! There is no better place to really learn to ride than out in the open country with a job to do. Lee uses what is naturally happening to teach her Trademarked Essential Elements Of Horsemanship. Whether she is offering the basics of cutting, or negotiating a steep and rugged trail, quality horsemanship is at the forefront.


Although Lee has many Ranch clinics throughout the year in various locations, there is none like her very own, Harmony Hills Ranch. If you are looking for a place to learn, where there are no limits, no fences, and lots of room to roam, then a visit to the Harmony Hills Ranch is in order.


If you are looking for a genuine ranch experience, you won't want to miss a chance to join Lee at home on the Ranch.


Call to reserve a spot in the bunk house today!